Tender Service

Type of business

A subscription service for tenders.

About the company

The client ran a very successful tender sourcing service based in Europe, providing tenders to companies in the market for them on a subscription basis.  The directors wanted to set up a satellite office with English speaking sales staff to thoroughly test the UK market.

As they were starting the UK business from scratch, they needed support with everything required to get the business up and running.

How we helped

We found premises for the office and kitted it out with all the necessary equipment and services recruiting three members of staff and training them as customer service and sales representatives. We spent time researching and sourcing tenders from UK websites, uploading them to the company site using complex parsing techniques and customising the details to fit with the UK market.  We then worked with the staff to sell the tender subscriptions to companies in the market for them.

We set up the UK Limited company from scratch, being involved in everything from buying the computers to registering the company with HMRC, organising contracts of employment, payroll, training the staff, maintenance and monitoring of the website, bookkeeping, controlling the bank accounts and cashflow, driving sales and reporting back to the board.

Where we are now

The company managed by its German and Austrian Directors was launched and was successful over the two years that it was based in the UK.  It highlighted the differences between the way tenders are published and sourced in the UK compared to Europe and many lessons were learned.  The information gathered was used to take the project in-house to be added to the already successful European business.