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What we do​

• Provide practical, workable, and cost-effective solutions to everyday business issues.
• Help clients get their business admin in order and find automated solutions to tasks to save business hours.
• Take the pain out of embracing new technology.
• Deliver 1-1 training tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.
• Provide on-going support and back up.
• Be the extra hours and pair of hands when things get busy.

Admin and bookkeeping is often seen as the least glamorous part of running a business and although very important the work can be time consuming, tedious and sometimes even daunting. It has a habit of building up when you’re not looking and becoming a huge task that eats into the time you would prefer to be spending with paying clients or taking time out.

We all get really excited when our Clients learn new methods of doing their administration or get to grips with some of the great software packages available. Xero being one system that we highly recommend.  

 Xero Accounting Software.

Bookkeeping Services

Training & Support

Admin / PA Services