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Social Media Marketing​

Social media is an important tool for promoting businesses. It is often the first impression a customer has of your products or service and should clearly reflect the image and values that you have for your company.
We will work closely with you to understand your business and what you are wanting to achieve from your marketing. Our competitor analysis will help target where your marketing focus should be, and the plan we create for you will ensure that you are leveraging the best results from the most suitable social media platforms.

Our professional photographer can create images, video and content that is current and relevant, bringing your brand alive. And, if you are unsure about being in front of the camera, we are experts at helping you relax, and in your own time, you may even enjoy the experience!

Social MM TPT
Branding TPT


A company’s corporate style is a set of artistic and textual elements that are united by one idea. This could be a colour or a slogan. By being consistent with this, your company will be instantly recognisable amongst competitors, and it will help you gain authority in your market.

Branding is a very personal thing, and we will take the time to understand your views, likes, dislikes and what you are hoping to achieve.  We can advise on what works and what creates a clear brand image, which ensures you stand out from the crowd and are remembered.
Our team of designers and marketers will create your logo, and with this, your unique style. The brand template that we provide you with will give you colour combinations, fonts, and everything you need for all of your printed material as well as for digital presence.


We create websites that are eye-catching, memorable, and easy to navigate, ensuring that visitors stay immersed in your site while they take in all the useful information they need, to make an informed buying decision. Our team will work closely with you throughout the journey of creating your website, discussing designs and providing mock-ups to compliment your business branding and get results . We guide you on the best features to incorporate to attract your target market, ensure you are seen by Google, and that your website users get a consistent experience no matter what device they are viewing on.

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If you already have a corporate style, social media presence and a website,  then our design team can advise on what you currently have, and whether an update or refresh of your branding would be beneficial. This doesn’t always mean a total change from your existing style but updating can create new interest for your users and followers, unify what is already out in the social media space, and develop a new, modern image.