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Expert advice and support in contract creation
and personnel concerns

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A tailor made approach to HR

We are so pleased to welcome Rachel to the team!  Not only does she share our view that people are the most valuable asset in a business, but also our belief of keeping things efficient and straightforward.

No matter what your requirements are, we can provide a clear and practical approach to any situation, including:

  • Advice on the effective motivation and management of employees.
  • Expert support with your business’s compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Help to establish efficient human resources practices.
  • Implementation of technology to support you and your team where appropriate.


HR Rachel

Meet Rachel

Rachel has been providing HR consultancy since 2003 working with small and medium-sized companies and covering a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, services, hospitality and retail.  Her background is in generalist HR management roles up to and including board level.

She now uses this extensive experience of applying employment legislation in a diverse range of different situations to guide our clients through personnel issues and avoid or resolve problems. 

She believes in keeping things as simple as possible and to provide solutions that are easy to understand and implement.

When Rachel is not doing HR work, you’ll usually find her exploring the forest, writing a book, or restoring the old mill house that she’s lucky enough to call home.

Services provided

The services provided are very flexible and cover the full range of HR activities including:

  • Employee relations – advice regarding disciplinary and grievance issues, resolution of personnel problems, ongoing guidance as required, tips to avoid future issues;
  • Restructuring – advice and support with change programmes, redundancy situations, integration and harmonisation;
  • Employment contracts – advice regarding terms and conditions, review and updating of existing contracts, preparation of new contractual documentation;
  • HR infrastructure – preparation of user-friendly policies, procedures and handbooks, together with associated advice;
  • Other documents – preparation of correspondence, announcements, memos, emails and forms;
  • Miscellaneous matters – guidance regarding sickness absence, answering queries regarding employment legislation and compliance, advising on recruitment and selection, salary benchmarking, best practice, calculation of part-time holiday entitlements, etc.
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Further HR and Employment guidance can be found on the government website.