Country Estate

Type of business

A country house estate.

About the client

A country house estate employing household and grounds staff.

How we helped

We introduced Xero payroll and Xero accounts to monitor the household spending.

Researched and updated where necessary the suppliers used by the house team, to leverage the best services and reduce overall costs.

Worked with both the Garden and House Maintenance Staff to create a central filing system and to-do-lists that they could work with to ensure that the house ran smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

Provided suggestions and recommendations on various HR scenarios including alternative bonus and salary options.

Liaised with the insurance company to ensure that all the policies were accurate and that all the necessary requirements were adhered to.

Set-up pre-payment cards for the staff to use for household spending, with individual limits.

Where we are now.

TPT is jointly responsible for making the household payments for services and goods.

We are the point of contact for the staff for queries and to provide support where necessary.

Our regular update meetings with the owners ensure that all their requirements for upcoming events are covered.

Other areas that we have been able to help with include, successfully organising a full refund for goods that were undelivered, when the company was ignoring calls and emails. Chasing financial information and providing statements. Organising remote internet access to a holiday cottage. Discussing and making suggestions for marketing activity on various projects. Liaising with outside consultants, researching new bank account options and a lot more.