Can you Just?

Flexible expertise to suit your requirements

Wouldn’t it be great to have somebody to do those things that you keep meaning to do, like make those calls or file those invoices? 

Someone reliable and trustworthy that you can turn to and say, “Can you just…?”

Can you just

We support small businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs across the UK. Through the provision of our services, we enable businesses and individuals to save on the cost, time and effort of employment whilst maintaining their ability to achieve their objectives.

From typing, data input, spreadsheets and training, we have the skills and experience to
provide you with the perfect assistant to delegate all those day-to-day tasks to.

Virtual Assistant

We are more than just an outsourced service – what we provide is tailored, intelligent and personal to your needs and circumstances.  We have been supporting people with their busy lives since 2011 and have learned lots of useful tips and tricks along the way that we can share with you to make your life easier.  Our team is hand-picked for their skills and experience and understand the importance of confidentiality.

To ensure that we provide high level, comprehensive services to you, our support staff predominantly work remotely, using either email, telephone, or video conferencing to discuss tasks, projects, take your instructions and keep in touch.  This flexibility enables us to be available at a time to suit you, so if evenings or early mornings work best for you, then we will arrange to be on hand at that time.

Finally, you can get on with the work you want to do, rather than the tasks you have to do.  And there are tangible benefits too:

We cost less than employing someone when you consider the additional costs of holiday entitlement, National Insurance, pension contributions, software licences and office equipment etc.
Saving you time by taking away the need for people management, the associated HR paperwork and responsibilities, as well as the headache of having to run a payroll and pension scheme and all that that entails.
You can increase and decrease our working hours to suit you and your schedule, and we only charge for the hours that we work on your project. Whether that be a 10 minute phone call with us, or 2 hours administration work.
With an immediate start, we can hit the ground running.

One Stop Shop

When you get to a point in the development of your business when you know what you want to do to move forward, but do not know how to practically achieve this, then we can help. We are always on hand to guide you through the process.

Our team are highly trained, professional people who have come from diverse backgrounds, so not only will you get a PA who is matched to your requirements and who will get to know how you like to work, but through them, you will also have access to the teams’ huge range of skills and knowledge.

We are the one-stop shop to ensure your business is successful!

We take confidentiality very seriously at The Paperwork Team and all our team sign strict non-disclosure agreements, to ensure that whatever you share with us, it is treated in the strictest confidence.

Back Office

Thinking of employing staff?

Maybe you have decided that you are ready to take on your first of employee but are not sure exactly what is required by law and what you will need to do to ensure that the process runs smoothly.  We can help you discern the overall costings of employing somebody and work with you through the whole advertising, shortlisting, interviewing and recruitment steps to find the right person for the role you are looking to fill. 

Once you have found that perfect person, we can assist with setting up and running your payroll scheme and provide you with templates for employment contract, handbook, procedure and policy, to ensure you have everything you need in place.  We can help you through the whole induction and onboarding process and even provide training or handholding for your new member of staff.

Employing staff for the first time.

The Paperwork Team is your essential back up team to help you take your business to the next level. 

We can provide all the training and support you need for your office tasks.

Just get in touch and we will help answer your business and Admin questions.

Still not sure if we can help....?